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Benefits of Bulk Pink Grapefruit Oil

Energizing Your Mind and Body

Scatters Oils has taken several steps from the plant to the bottle to ensure that we only produce the highest quality essential oils for our customers.

  • Scatters Oils only uses high-quality organic plant material for producing its essential oils.
  • The quality of the plant material we use for extraction is ensured by working closely with our farmers and helping them adopt the best methods for growing and storing crops for essential oil production.
  • We partner with universities and research organizations to study and create the best methods for farming crops for essential oil production, extracting essential oils from crops, and storing the extracted oils.
  • Scatters Oils maintains HACCP and FDA standards to ensure the safety and quality of our essential oils.
  • We help our farmers practice sustainable farming practices to avoid negative environmental impacts.
  • We implement ethical and sustainable business practices to ensure a win-win relationship with our farmers, their employees, and the local communities.

Our measures apply to all our products, so you can only expect high-quality essential oils from Scatters Oils, including our pink and white grapefruit oils.

Where Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Comes From

Pink grapefruit essential oil comes from the peels of the fruit bore by the subtropical citrus tree of the same name. It is a variant of grapefruit that has pinker color, which is attributed to it being a hybrid of red and white grapefruit. It also has a sweeter and not-so-bitter taste compared to other grapefruit variants.

Pink grapefruit oil can only be extracted by cold pressing the skin. Any other extraction methods will destroy the chemical compounds that give the essential oil its benefits and characteristic bright, sweet citrus aroma. At the very least, other methods will produce substandard essential oils that cannot compare to the quality of cold-pressed pink grapefruit oil.

This is the method we utilize for extracting pink grapefruit essential oil here in Scatters Oils. So, you can rest assured that you will only get high-quality bulk pink grapefruit oil from us!

Benefits of Pink Grapefruit Oil

Provides a Pleasant Smell
Like grapefruit essential oils, pink grapefruit oil has an uplifting, crisp, and clean fragrance. What makes it stand out from other grapefruit variants is its sweeter scent. This makes it a popular ingredient for adding a refreshing scent to bath, beauty, body, home, and perfume products.

Pink grapefruit oil is often used as a top-note scent for products. But, its use as a middle and base note scent still needs to be improved. It blends well with spicy scents like green basil, soothing ones like lavender, warm notes like dry cedar, and rich aromas like tropical ylang-ylang.
Reduces Sugar Cravings and Appetite
The scent of pink grapefruit oil can suppress the appetite and reduce sugar cravings when taken in moderation and with a balanced diet. This is attributed to the limonene content of grapefruit oil and its effect on the production of stomach juices. A study has observed this effect reducing appetite and sugar cravings among animal test subjects. This effect was achieved after regular aromatherapy three times per week for at least 15 minutes each session.
Aids Digestion
Oral intake and aromatherapy with pink grapefruit oil can increase blood flow to the stomach, liver, kidneys, bladder, and other digestive organs. Blood flow to these organs is critical to ensure that the body digests and absorbs efficiently the food it consumes.
Adds Flavor
Pink grapefruit oil has a crisp and tangy flavor similar to other citrus essential oils like lemon and sweet orange. But, it has a bittersweet note that makes it different from these oils. Pink grapefruit is a flavoring for food and beverages such as cocktails, energy drinks, soda, ice cream, and sorbet.
The zesty taste profile of pink grapefruit oil goes well with the flavor of thyme, rosemary, lemon, lime, cranberry, lychee, and banana. As for alcoholic beverages, it goes well with gin, vodka, and rum.
It helps Detoxify the Body.
Pink grapefruit oil detoxifies the body. The essential oil achieves this by stimulating the lymphatic system and promoting bile secretion by the liver. This encourages the drainage of toxins built up in the tissues, cells, and bloodstream and elimination through bowel movements or urine.
Promotes Weight Loss and Reduces Cellulite Formation
Pink grapefruit oil boosts the metabolism and reduces the appetite when inhaled or applied topically. And, given its effect on the lymphatic system, it has a diuretic effect that helps shed excess weight from water retention. These effects can aid those undergoing a weight loss regimen.

Grapefruit oil also promotes the breaking down of stored body fat. According to a few animal studies, the scent of natural pink grapefruit oil triggers the nerves responsible for stimulating specific fat tissues to burn fat for energy. Although there are still no human studies of this effect, it shows the promise pink grapefruit oil can offer for those looking to suppress weight gain.
Promotes Blood Circulation
The limonene content of pink grapefruit oil can help dilate the blood vessels. This promotes the circulation of blood in the body without increasing the blood pressure. The dilation of the blood vessels can help lower the blood pressure of individuals with high blood pressure.
Helps Relieve Inflammation
Pink grapefruit oil can reduce inflammation in the body thanks to its limonene and alpha-pinene content. Topical application of the oil can help soothe inflamed skin, reduce its redness, and ease discomfort from conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. On the other hand, using it for aromatherapy or as a flavoring agent can relieve headaches, bloating, fatigue, and muscle aches and cramps.
Protects Against Skin Infections
The compound limonene found in grapefruit essential oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial benefits. These benefits can help fight infection brought by Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, E. coli, H. pylori (stomach ulcer), and Candida albicans (yeast infection). This gives pink grapefruit oil as an ingredient in food, beauty, bath, and cleaning products.
It helps Relieve Stress and Anxiety.
The soothing and uplifting scent of pink grapefruit oil can relieve stress and anxiety by bringing a sense of calm. This psychological effect is expected with most essential oils used for aromatherapy. But, the scent of natural pink grapefruit oil also has a physiological effect by triggering the natural relaxation response of the brain within the brain that lowers the stress hormone cortisol.
Fights Acne
Pink grapefruit is one of the many citrus essential oils that improve acne breakouts. This is thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits and high vitamin C content. These also calm down the inflammation on the skin, promote collagen production to minimize acne scarring and increase cellular turnover to unclog pores.
Provides Anti-Aging Effects
Pink grapefruit oil is rich in vitamin C. It neutralizes the harmful molecules of free radicals that cause premature skin aging. It also stimulates collagen production, a protein vital for the skin to maintain firmness and elasticity.
The essential oil also has astringent properties for the skin. Regular application can tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of pores, creating a smoother and more youthful look.
Relieves Symptoms of Hangover
Grapefruit essential oils can relieve hangover symptoms; its pink variant is no exception. It does this by stimulating the liver and gallbladder, which increases the detoxifying action of these organs. This helps relieve one of headaches and sluggishness the next day after a night of drinking alcohol. And it can hold off any cravings one might experience due to their increased appetite resulting from changes in hormones and blood sugar levels brought about by alcohol intake.
It has an Effect Similar to an Insecticide and Insect Repellent.
Pink grapefruit oil has a direct and residual insecticide effect thanks to its limonene content. This substance instantly strips the wax coating protecting the exoskeleton of insects like ants, fleas, cockroaches, silverfishes, and palmettos, which causes them to suffocate and die. Limonene is safe for children, pets, and food, unlike common pesticides.

On the other hand, its insect-repelling effect is attributed to its citronella content. Citronella masks the scent that attracts insects to their target for feeding. Some bugs that citronella can repel include flies, mosquitoes, and ticks.

What’s the Difference: Pink Grapefruit Oil vs. White Grapefruit Oil

There is not much difference between pink and white grapefruit essential oil. Pink grapefruit has a slightly sweeter taste and scent, making it more in demand than its white variant. This higher demand causes farmers and oil manufacturers to produce more. Other than that, white and pink grapefruit essential oils benefit their users similarly.

Uses for Pink Grapefruit Oil

The benefits of pink grapefruit oil make it worthwhile for direct application by itself or with a carrier oil, adding it to beverages or food, and using it for aromatherapy. Businesses and manufacturers also find these benefits useful for their products, so it is no surprise that they use essential oil as an ingredient in cleaning, cosmetics, body care, perfume, and food products.

Importance of Having High-Quality Pink Grapefruit Oil

It is important to source high-quality pink grapefruit oil. Whether you sell it to your customers or use it as an ingredient in your products, the quality of the essential oil you get from your suppliers will affect customer experience and, consequently, their perception of your brand. 

So, what are the markers for high-quality pink grapefruit oil?

First, its method of extraction must be through cold pressing. This is the only way to preserve the characteristic sweet citrus smell of the oil. And this method ensures that the beneficial chemical compounds are maintained during the extraction, which provides the optimal potency for its effects. 

Second, no harmful pesticides and fertilizers should be used when growing it or any other chemicals added. This ensures the oil is pure and reduces the risk of unexpected adverse effects on the user.

Third, the essential oil producer must have the proper certifications and quality control checks for producing high-quality products. These ensure the manufacturer has third-party oversight and processes in place to keep the quality of their product consistent.

Lastly, the plant materials required for its production must be grown with ethical and sustainable practices. This helps create a supply chain that is sustainable for the environment and for producing wholesale grapefruit pink oil.

Why Choose Scatters’ Pink Grapefruit Oil

Scatters Oils works closely with the farmers that supply the plant materials we need to produce essential oils. This ensures we only have high-quality crucial oils for our customers, which is only possible using organic pink grapefruits grown and extracted in the best conditions. Our organic certifications from the USDA and the BCS Oko-Garantie prove this commitment.

Moreover, our facilities and processes are FDA-certified and certified as Kosher and Halal. So, you do not have to worry if your customers will get a safe product for their health or beliefs.

Buy Bulk Pink Grapefruit Oil from Scatters Oils

Here at Scatters Oils, we offer our customers high-quality wholesale grapefruit oil (both pink and white variants). Visit this page to place an order, or contact us to have a sample sent!

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