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Quality You Can Trust: Unveil the Richness of Our Bulk Grapeseed Oil

Where Does Grapeseed Oil Come From?

Grapeseed oil comes from grape seeds. Most, if not all, grape seeds used for oil production are left over from the grapes used for making wine. However, this does not make grapeseed essential oil cheaper since it takes approximately 50 kilograms of grape seeds to produce around a liter of cold-pressed and unfiltered grapeseed oil. The resulting oil from this process will still undergo processing to purify it into a viable product so this will reduce it further. 

There are two ways to extract grapeseed oil – cold pressing and solvent extraction. Both methods are viable for aromatherapy and cooking purposes. But, cold-pressed grapeseed oils provide the best product for therapeutic purposes.

Benefits of Organic Grapeseed Oil

Contains high amounts of linoleic acid
Grapeseed oil is rich in linoleic acid. This is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid found in plant oils. This particular fatty acid is essential for nourishing the body since it cannot synthesize this fatty acid.

The body uses linoleic acid as a source of energy and provides the necessary component for synthesizing various physiological regulators for biochemical processes, such as the regulation of blood pressure levels, blood lipid levels, blood clotting, immune function, inflammation, and reproduction. It also provides crucial structural components in the cell membranes and influences their flexibility, fluidity, and permeability.
Contains a substantial amount of vitamin E
Grapeseed oil contains a significant amount of vitamin E. This vitamin is a crucial nutrient in the body for supporting eye health, lung function, immune function, and skin health. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease, fatty liver, and cognitive decline.

Moreover, vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals associated with various chronic illnesses, including cancer and heart disease. A few particular studies have noted that it can reduce markers for oxidative stress, which leads to the protection of organs from damage caused by chronic diseases.
Possesses antimicrobial properties
Grapeseed oil possesses antimicrobial properties, which makes it an effective solution against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. One study in 2019 confirmed this wherein the phenolic compounds of grapeseed oil induced oxidative damage to the cell membrane of bacteria without harming the cells of the host subject. This gives grapeseed oil potential as a therapeutic aid in instances when antibiotics are ineffective.
Supports cardiovascular health
The fatty acid content of grapeseed oil can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to studies, linoleic acid can lower the risk of coronary heart disease by 15 percent, cardiac heart events by 9 percent, and death from cardiovascular disease by 13 percent. It does this by improving blood pressure and blood flow and reducing the total and LDL cholesterol levels.

However, linoleic acid's benefits on cardiovascular health require a 1:1 ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. If the omega-6 fatty acids exceed this ratio, it may increase the risk for cardiovascular disease and events.

Aside from linoleic acid, grapeseed oil also contains high doses of vitamins C and E and catechins. These nutrients protect the cardiovascular system from free radical damage, which is linked to a significant increase in the risk of heart disease.
Reduced inflammation and sensitivity of the skin
The omega-6 fatty acids found in grapeseed oil are crucial for the skin barrier to function properly. It is also key for stimulating skin growth since those with deficient levels of Omega-6, linoleic acid in particular, have a greater chance of having itchy skin, skin lesions, and poor wound healing.

Moreover, grapeseed oil can help relieve itchiness and inflammation of the skin thanks to its moisturizing and soothing effect. Those with sensitive skin can use it as a treatment through topical application of the oil or a lotion or cream containing grapeseed oil.
Helps maintain insulin resistance
Insulin resistance is a condition wherein cells in the muscles, fat, and liver do not respond well to insulin and cannot take up glucose from the bloodstream. This causes the pancreas to make more insulin until glucose enters these cells. It can lead to prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes when these cells become too resistant to insulin and blood glucose remains elevated over time due to lifestyle choices.

Grapeseed oil can help those in such a situation by bringing back insulin sensitivity and reducing inflammation among individuals with high blood sugar. This was observed in a study wherein overweight and obese individuals taking grape seed oil in their diet for 8 weeks experienced an improvement in their blood sugar levels compared to another group taking sunflower oil.
Improves the condition of hair and scalp
It is not surprising that grapeseed oil can add moisture, strength, and shine to the hair given its fatty acid content. But, unlike other oils, it does not feel greasy nor does it make the hair feel weighed down. This makes grapeseed oil a great option as a sealant to maintain the luster and bounce of the hair throughout the day.

With its vitamin E content, it can help grow and restore the shine of those with weak or brittle hair. This can benefit those who find their hair drying out or falling off due to products over-processing their hair.

Aside from these, grapeseed oil can also help with reducing dandruff. It can fight off dandruff caused by a fungal infection. It can also moisturize the scalp and reduce dandruff due to a dry scalp. And, it can stimulate the growth of healthy skin in the scalp thanks to its vitamin E, antioxidant, and omega fatty acid content.
Moisturizes and maintains the youthfulness of the skin
Grapeseed oil can help maintain the skin’s plump, smooth, and young-looking appearance thanks to its high vitamin E content. This is because of the nutrient locking in the skin’s natural moisture and protecting it from free radical damage brought by the sun’s UV rays, pollution, and various chemicals. And, it helps the skin produce collagen, which is key for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

Grapeseed oil does not only contain vitamin E in maintaining the skin’s youthfulness. It also contains polyphenols that help against premature skin aging and wrinkling, fatty acids that boost nourishment to the skin, and proanthocyanidins that increase the restoration of collagen in the skin.
Evens and brightens the skin’s natural complexion
Linoleic acid and vitamin E can lighten acne scars, sun spots, and other skin discolorations. Some studies even observe that these beneficial constituents found in grapeseed oil can decrease the chances of scars forming by ridding the wound area of bacteria and accelerating its healing.

The proanthocyanidin compounds found in grapeseed oil also help in evening out the skin tone and enhance the skin's natural brightness. When taken orally, this powerful antioxidant can improve symptoms of hyperpigmentation and melasma.
Prevents and treats acne outbreak
Grapeseed oil is a good preventative and treatment for acne breakouts. Its antimicrobial properties can deal with the bacteria that build up and cause acne and skin infection. This also works in treating acne since breakouts often improve after dealing with the bacteria built up.

Moreover, acne-prone skin is often deficient in linoleic acid. Adding more of this fatty acid to the skin through grapeseed oil application can help reduce the chances of acne breakout.

The Importance of Pure, High Quality, and Certified Grapeseed Essential Oil

The compounds found in bulk organic grapeseed oil are responsible for bringing about the benefits mentioned above. If it contains any impurities, the wholesale grapeseed oil produced cannot be as beneficial as one that is pure and your customers are unlikely to experience the benefits they expect from what they bought from you. This is why it is important to acquire essential oils from suppliers only providing pure essential oils.

Aside from its purity, you should also consider the method of extraction. For grapeseed oil, there are two extraction methods – solvent extraction and cold pressing. Out of these two, cold-pressed grapeseed oil is far superior.

Cold pressing only involves the use of high mechanical pressure to press the grapeseed in a container with only layers of mesh discs for the pressed material to come out, which results in a mixture of crushed seeds, oil, and water. This mixture passes through a filter and undergoes centrifugation to separate the grapeseed oil from the rest of the mixture.

In contrast, solvent extraction uses chemicals and, in some cases, heat to produce bulk grapeseed oil. Heat can degrade the beneficial compounds and cause the oil to be less effective for its purpose. Chemicals can do the same and may not be completely removed from the oil, especially in the case of hexane.

Why Choose Scatters Oils’ Bulk Organic Grapeseed Oil?

At Scatters Oils USA, we prioritize direct collaborations with the farmers who supply us with the crucial plant material needed for our essential oil production. This allows us to secure cultivated plant materials with optimal methods for yielding bulk organic essential oils. Despite grape seeds undergoing processing during winemaking prior to reaching our facilities, we maintain stringent quality control measures to guarantee that these seeds can yield top-tier bulk grapeseed oil.

Scatters Oils USA adheres to numerous rigorous standards in our pursuit of consistent excellence. Our alignment with HACCP, FDA, Halal, Kosher, and USDA Organic guidelines upholds our commitment to producing pure and high-quality essential oil. This adherence reassures our customers of the uncompromising quality and purity that defines every bottle of Scatters Oils’ grapeseed oil

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