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Discover the Purity of Bulk Tea Tree Oil with Scatters Oils USA

At Scatters Oils USA, we deliver the highest quality bulk tea tree oil by going beyond labels like “natural” and “organic” which can be confusing and misleading.
We unveil the truth that “natural” means extracted directly from plants without artificial components, while “organic” means grown without chemicals and with regulated extraction.
With no regulations around organic labeling for essential oils, we thoroughly vet each oil to ensure the purity and potency you deserve, not just what the label claims. Experience premium tea tree oil sourced and tested for uncompromising quality with Scatters Oils USA.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

With so many essential oils to choose from, what makes pure tea tree oil so special? Tea tree oil offers a multitude of benefits that make it a staple for households and practitioners alike. Here are three of the top reasons this aromatic oil has earned its sterling reputation:

Natural Nourishment

The antiseptic powers of tea tree oil have been treasured for centuries. Clinical research has now confirmed this traditional wisdom. Tea tree oil exhibits broad-spectrum antimicrobial effects against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

It can be applied topically to cleanse and protect skin and wounds. The compound terpinen-4-ol gives tea tree oil its germ-fighting prowess.

Acne Fighter

Acne sufferers have found an unlikely hero in tea tree oil. This versatile oil tackles acne in multiple ways - quelling inflammation, unplugging blocked pores, and suppressing acne-causing bacteria.

But unlike harsh synthetic chemicals, tea tree oil is gentle on sensitive skin. The skin doesn't dry out but keeps its vital moisture while blemishes clear up.

Immune System Booster

Tea tree oil doesn't just fight skin infections. When diffused aromatically, it can also boost immunity and ward off airborne pathogens.

Vapors of tea tree oil have been shown to neutralize mold, yeasts, and dangerous antibiotic-resistant "superbugs." With tea tree oil, you get protection inside and out!

Natural vs Organic: Why It Matters

Unfortunately, not all tea tree oils live up to these benefits. Low-quality oils may be diluted or contain contaminants that diminish their potency and purity. That’s why who you purchase your oil from matters.

At Scatters Oils USA, our mission is to provide you with the world’s highest-quality wholesale organic essential oils. We painstakingly vet our farmers, distillers, and each batch of oil through rigorous testing.
Our partnerships with local growers give us total transparency while supporting sustainable agriculture. We also take extra steps to safeguard the integrity of our tea tree oil in bulk. To retain its natural composition, steam distillation is used instead of harsh solvents. And our oils are never diluted.
You receive 100% pure, undiluted oil in each and every bottle.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to store your oil somewhere dark and cool to preserve all those precious plant compounds. We recommend keeping it in a cupboard away from direct light or heat.

Yes, but less is more when it comes to sensitive skin. Dilute just a few drops of tea tree oil in a “carrier” oil like coconut or jojoba before applying. A dilution of 5% or less is a good rule of thumb. And do a patch test first if you have any concerns about irritation. But diluted appropriately, that tingly antiseptic feel is totally normal!

Like with humans, it depends on the dosage and dilution. In its concentrated form, tea tree oil can be toxic to animals if ingested. But for topical use, it can be beneficial. Mix a very diluted solution of tea tree oil with a pet-safe carrier oil to support skin health.


Just be sure to consult your vet, monitor your pet closely, and don’t overdo it. When in doubt, steer clear. There are plenty of other pet-friendly essential oils out there!

They sure can! Oils like rose, lavender, and sandalwood have compounds that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to protect your skin from premature aging. Using them is a great way to care for your skin over time.

Our tea tree oil in bulk comes from over 130 local farmers in South Africa. In this way, we’re able to oversee every step of the process, from seed to seal.

Are you ready to discover premium tea tree oil and elevate your essential oil game? Get acquainted with our line of expertly sourced, rigorously tested bulk essential oils.

Our tea tree essential oil is gentle enough for sensitive skin but packs a potent antimicrobial punch. Add a few drops to facial cleansers, body washes, and lotions for extra cleansing power and skin-nourishing benefits.

You can also diffuse our tea tree oil alone or blend it with complementary oils like lavender and lemon. Incorporate tea trees into DIY creations like soaps, salves, and spritzers. Its versatility makes it a staple for natural medicine cabinets and green beauty routines.

However you choose to use our tea tree oil, you can trust its purity and potency. We oversee every step from planting to bottle. That means you always receive 100% uncompromised, high-quality oil.

Let Scatters Oils USA guide you to a life enriched by natural wellness and the healing power of plants. Begin your journey with our collection of premium essential oils today. We are located at 6970 Business Park Blvd N, STE 9, Jacksonville, FL 32256. You can also call us (904) 619-1050 or email

Ready to Experience Pure Tea Tree Oil in Bulk?

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