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Scatters Oils’ Superior Bulk Lemon Oil

Where Does Lemon Essential Oil Come From?

Lemon oil is extracted from the fruits of the small evergreen tree species Citrus limon or Citrus limonum. This tree is native to Northeast India, Northern Myanmar, and China. But, it spread to Europe in the 2nd century AD and to Persia, Iraq, and Egypt around 700 AD.  

Lemon trees thrive in climates with hot and humid weather and can tolerate poor types of soil. This led to it being grown and harvested around the world, including California, Florida, Italy, Turkey, India, and South Africa.

How Bulk Lemon Oil is Produced?

There are two ways to extract bulk lemon oil from the fruit’s peels – steam extraction and cold pressing. 

Steam extraction uses hot steam to extract the oil from the plant material. The resulting vapor is cooled down by passing it through the condenser, leading to it returning to liquid form. The oil will float on top of the water and will be separated by siphoning it off.

On the other hand, cold pressing involves mechanically piercing and pressing the peels to squeeze the juice out of them. This juice contains fruit solids, fruit juice, and oils. To separate the oil from the rest of the mixture, the extracted juice is centrifuged and separated into another container.

Benefits of Organic Lemon Oil

Boosts the immune system
Lemon oil possesses antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that can help boost the immune system. And, with its high vitamin C content, it can support the various immune functions in the body at a cellular level.
Possesses antimicrobial properties
Lemon essential oil contains limonene and b-pinene, which are both powerful natural antimicrobial compounds. These compounds can combat bacteria, fungi, and other harmful pathogens. Because of this, it is no surprise that manufacturers use lemon oil as an ingredient in household cleaners used for cleaning surfaces near or for handling food.
Effective against fungal infections
Lemon oil has been observed to be effective against athlete’s foot, thrush, yeast infection, and other fungal infections through topical application. And, as observed by a study in 2018, diffusing or spraying lemon essential oil can reduce airborne fungi in a room.
Contains antioxidants
Citrus limon essential oil contains more than 21 beneficial compounds that possess antioxidant activity. These include monoterpene hydrocarbons, oxygenated monoterpenes, and sesquiterpenes. Their antioxidant effects were observed by studies to be better than some of the most efficient synthetic antioxidant agents available.
Supports healthy digestive function
Lemon essential oil contains compounds that can aid in the breaking down of food and absorption of nutrients by stimulating the production of digestive enzymes in the stomach, liver, and pancreas. Its aroma can even stimulate salivary glands and promote intestine contractions, which are both crucial for food digestion in the body.
Relieves nausea
Lemon essential oil is a natural and effective remedy for mild to moderate nausea. One double-blind randomized and controlled clinical trial in 2014 confirmed this among pregnant women by having them inhale the oil as soon as they felt nauseous. Another study confirmed this in 2020 through aromatherapy with cotton balls and a diffuser.
Enhances the mood
Lemon essential oil can boost mood and calm feelings of anxiety. Research attributes this to increasing the neurotransmitter and hormone norepinephrine when inhaled, which is linked to lower levels of anxiety and depression. Another mechanism credited for this oil's mood-enhancing effect is its effect of stimulating the production of dopamine, which is responsible for feelings of pleasure, motivation, and satisfaction.
Prevents and reduces acne
Lemon oil prevents acne thanks to its astringent and antimicrobial properties. It lightly exfoliates the skin, which gets rid of dead skin cells that may clog the pores and cause acne. It also disinfects the skin of the bacteria that get trapped in the pores and cause acne breakouts.
Can aid in disinfecting and healing wounds
Thanks to its vitamin C content, lemon essential oil can prevent and fight off infection from minor wounds. This nutrient also helps accelerate the healing process and reduce the chances of scarring.
Effective remedy against a variety of skin ailments
Lemon essential oil is effective for reducing blisters, insect bites, greasy and oil conditions, rosacea, cold sores, warts, and cellulite. This is due to its natural antimicrobial compounds that combat infections and its nutrients that nourish the skin.
Promotes detoxification of the body
Lemon essential oil stimulates the activity of the body’s lymphatic drainage. This increased activity helps with cleansing the body of wastes and toxins.

Studies have observed this particular effect of lemon oil. Animal test subjects with aspirin-induced acute kidney and liver damage experienced significant reduction and maintained functionality in their organs after 6 months of treatment with lemon essential oil.
Relieves respiratory discomfort while supporting respiratory health
The anti-inflammatory effects of lemon essential oil can aid in relieving breathing difficulties. It also stimulates the lymphatic drainage that helps reduce the accumulation of fluids in the respiratory system. And, with its antibacterial effects, lemon oil can protect the respiratory system from harmful pathogens and reduce the risk of it contracting a disease.
Helps with oral health
Lemon essential oil works as a natural remedy for various oral conditions. These include oral thrush, bad breath, and overall poor dental hygiene. Studies that observed its effects as an oral remedy indicate that it has a more powerful antifungal and antimicrobial effect than green pepper and tea tree oil.
May relieve pain
Using lemon essential oil in aromatherapy can provide users with natural analgesic effects. Research suggests that this is due to the oil helping the body interpret pain without causing stress or anxiety. However, more research is needed on how well it works on humans since most studies have only looked into the oil’s effects on animal response to painful stimuli.
Supports healthy weight management
Lemon essential oil has similar benefits to weight loss as lemon water. It helps remove the built-up toxin in the body by stimulating the liver and lymphatic system. This helps increase energy throughout the day and promote the breakdown of body fat during exercise.
Helps with mental alertness and concentration
Lemon essential oil can perk up the mood and may boost the brain’s ability to concentrate. This was observed among students in a study in 2004, wherein participants in a classroom with lemon oil dispersed by a diffuser, performed much better in their exams than those in a classroom without it. Another study in 2008 observed how lemon oil aromatherapy can improve the cognitive function of patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Importance of Choosing Pure, High Quality, Certified Lemon Essential Oil

It is important to ensure that you are only getting pure wholesale lemon oil from your supplier. Any other option risks your brand since adulterated oils are more likely to harm your customers. Not to mention, these substandard essential oils are not as effective as pure essential oils. 

This is also the reason why essential oil users prefer organic lemon oil over non-organic lemon oil. It ensures that there are no toxic substances used in farming it, that only the best possible plant material is used for extraction, and that our extraction processes do not leave any substance in the lemon oil.

Of course, any business can claim its essential oils are pure and organic. This is why Scatters Oils has its products certified as organic by the USDA and the BCS OEKO-GARANTIE. These institutions test and inspect the farming practices of our suppliers, the crops that we extract, and the purity of our products. In this way, our customers have the guarantee that they only get organic essential oils from us.

Why Choose Scatters Oils’ Lemon Essential Oil

At Scatters Oils, we believe in providing more than just products — we offer a partnership dedicated to enhancing your success. We maintain close-knit collaborations with our farmers, ensuring that the crops required for our pure, high-quality bulk lemon essential oil is grown using the most advanced and sustainable methods and techniques designed in partnership with industry experts.

Our lemon essential oil stands out in the market for its unparalleled freshness, potent aroma, and purity. This excellence extends to rigorous safety and quality standards. We meticulously adhere to HACCP and FDA guidelines to guarantee that our lemon oil not only meets but exceeds safety and quality expectations for your customers. We also honor the diverse needs of your clientele by aligning with Halal and Kosher certification guidelines.

Buy Scatters Oils’ Bulk Lemon Oil

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