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Bulk+Wholesale Essential Oils Supplier

Wholesale Essential Oils Supplier from Over 20 Farms in Africa

As a dedicated wholesale essential oil supplier, Scatters Oils USA places a premium on delivering impeccable quality to our valued customers. This commitment extends beyond rigorous testing protocols. We also prioritize sourcing plant materials that yield high-quality wholesale organic essential oils. This assurance is made possible through our close collaboration with trusted farmers, who play a pivotal role in supplying us with the finest botanicals.”

Our partnership with over 20 farms across Africa exemplifies our unwavering dedication to sourcing excellence. By working hand-in-hand with these experienced cultivators, we ensure that the plants used for extraction meet our stringent standards. This meticulous process guarantees that the essential oils you receive from Scatters Oils are of the highest quality, embodying the essence of nature’s purest offerings.

Why We Work Closely With Our Farmers

At Scatters Oils USA, we work closely with the farmers who supply the crops that are used for our essential oils. Doing this helps us ensure that we can produce pure bulk essential oils, ensure their purity, have a sustainable commercial supply, create a profitable impact for the farmers, and empower the communities we work with.

Essential oil quality is of utmost importance when choosing a wholesaler. It significantly influences how customers will perceive your brand - whether you will sell essential oils for retail or use these as ingredients for your product or the services you provide. And its quality also influences how you or your customers can use these oils since an essential oil is graded if it's for therapeutic, food, or perfume purposes.

The quality of any essential oil starts with the land where the crops are grown and the farming techniques used to develop them. This is why Scatters works closely with the farmers supplying plant materials that provide the essential oils we produce through extraction. We partner with government agencies, municipalities, and non-government organizations for farmers who can or already grow our required crops. We teach them the best methods to grow plants so that we can produce high-quality essential oils with the potency and purity you need.

We only want to provide safe and uncontaminated essential oils for our customers. The best way to achieve this is to use crops that meet our stringent standards. This ensures we can control the quality of the essential oils we extract. This is why we work closely with the farmers supplying the crops we use for extracting essential oils. 

To ensure that we only get quality crops, we work with farmers to help them grow plants that meet our standards and test and inspect their growing, harvesting, and storage methods. In this way, we have reasonable control over what goes into the essential oils that we provide to our customers.

Essential oils make up an average of one to two percent of the mass of the plant material before processing, with some going as low as 0.005 percent of the plant material's mass. To illustrate, a single ounce of rose otto essential oil requires processing around 600 points of its rosebuds.

Moreover, some essential oils require particular conditions or procedures for their plant matter to achieve optimal extraction or a specific quality. For example, superior quality jasmine essential oil needs picking its blossoms on the day its flowers open. Another is lemon balm essential oil, which distills the plant's fresh leaves and flowering tops to achieve a tart-sweet scent. 

Having enough supply for our essential oil production requires sustainable agricultural practices. These practices ensure that Scatters and its partner farms and farmers do not harm the environment. Moreover, it ensures that the plant species our farmers grow have healthy offspring and are viable for future production. We achieve this by helping them achieve international quality standards for their agricultural practices to meet market expectations and continuously developing methods for the best yields and plant species preservation.

We are vested in the profitability of the farmers supplying our crops. When they struggle financially, they cannot invest in the necessary resources to grow healthy plants that enable us to extract high-quality essential oils and produce enough crops to satisfy our supply requirements. Moreover, their profitable farming business can support their local communities by creating more jobs and supporting the local economy. 

Here at Scatters, we ensure this profitability by purchasing our farmers' crops at a fair price and ensuring transparency between our business and theirs. They have a greater chance of acquiring financing to grow their operations by maintaining long-term relationships with them as their customer. Lastly, we provide training to the farmers we work with so that they can achieve international standards for sustainable and efficient farming practices.

Scatters Oils has been actively involved in developing South African farmers since 1992. Throughout the years, we have helped farmers grow crops for essential oil extraction that are highly in demand for local and international markets. We have achieved this through unparalleled assistance for the farmers we work with. 

We provide our farmers access to the resources and skills they need to improve their farming practices, business operations, and overall profitability. This leads to them providing decent employment to members of their communities, which enhances their lifestyles and the prevailing economic condition of their area. Some of our farmers even support their employees' families by paying for their education or training in their jobs.

Our Commitment to Ethical and Sustainable Farming for Bulk Essential Oils

As a producer of high-quality bulk essential oils, Scatters Oil is committed to ethical and sustainable farming. This commitment involves developing and implementing farming practices that preserve the environment and ensuring that the farmers we work with receive fair compensation and treatment and that the communities they belong to are enriched through our business. 

Scatters Oil works closely with farmers to source plants that are grown without the use of harmful chemicals that may contaminate the essential oils we extract or harm those who use our products. We also train and teach them how to implement sustainable practices effectively so that they can grow plants that pass international standards and will be in demand by producers of essential oils. With these, the farmers we work with can have a profitable relationship with us and create a better future for their families and communities.

Moreover, we can achieve a supply chain we depend on by practicing ethical and sustainable farming practices. Since the farming practices of our suppliers do not harm the environment, they can produce the plants we need for our products with little to no environmental or legal interruptions. This lets us create high-quality essential oils consistently and continuously. 

Scatters Oil has been committed to ethical and sustainable farming and business practices since its founding in 1992. Our efforts have helped countless farmers and communities in Africa, and we do not plan on stopping now. Join us in our efforts by choosing essential oils made by Scatters Oil.

The People and Stories Behind Our Wholesale Essential Oils

One of the farms we have worked with is owned by the Graham family in South Africa. Johan Graham and his wife started with nothing but their makeshift home and only gained financing to purchase their 740-hectare farm when Scatters Oil guaranteed that it would buy any organic essential oil plants at a fixed price.

Throughout our partnership with them, the Grahams weathered various setbacks in growing essential oil crops. One is when a fungal infection wiped out their buchu crop, and they switched to tea trees, roses, and rose geraniums. This brought them incredible success, giving them the income to plant another 20 hectares of crops within two years. 

Now, they are producing their essential oils (with equipment supplied by Scatters Oil), which we buy in bulk to export to our customers worldwide. And, of course, their employees join their success with decent wages, fringe benefits, and education for their children. Not to mention, the Grahams are active in the social upliftment of the communities surrounding their farm.

Scatters Oil works with a farm in Central Africa, growing eucalyptus as its main crop. We worked with them to expand their crops to include geranium, lavender, marjoram, and palmarosa. Our team helped them plan and run the trials for growing these crops on their farm and create the plan for meeting market demand. 

Our efforts with this farm have resulted from them employing a staff of 180 to 240 and funding the construction of a school. They also provide their employees with food and lodging while contributing to various relief efforts in their community.

The Eastern and Western Cape area is home to several farms that supply us with plants to produce essential oils. The crops in these areas include eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, and geranium. Several of these farmers started with only one or two crops before we taught them what they needed to know to expand their farms to add said plants to their crops. 

We work with them continuously to ensure that they plant suitable species, use the best techniques for optimal growth and oil quality, and maintain the right conditions in their farms.

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