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All You Need to Know About
Sourcing Bulk Lavender Essential Oil

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Sourcing Bulk Lavender Essential Oil

Tag along on our journey to seek the finest, purest bulk lavender oil produced in a responsible way. We’ll learn about sustainable farms worked by generations of families.
In the end, you’ll understand exactly why our oil captures the vibrant spirit of lavender in every drop, ready to comfort you with its cozy aroma and nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Essential Oil Benefits

Have you ever wondered how a single lavender essential oil can provide so many wellness benefits? Lavender has been used for centuries as a versatile oil with calming, soothing properties. Let’s explore some of the top ways it can improve health and well-being:

Stress Relief

In today's busy world, are you seeking more tranquility and peace? The sweet floral aroma of lavender triggers your senses, promoting relaxation. Studies show that lavender's active compounds interact with brain receptors, impacting mood. The result? A wave of calm washing over mind and body. With regular use, lavender can become a personal retreat from stress.

Sleep Aid

Why is a good night's rest so elusive for so many? The balancing properties of lavender can create the optimal environment for healthy sleep patterns. Place a few drops on your pillowcase and let the soothing fragrance evoke a peaceful pre-sleep state.

Skin Health

With increasing skin sensitivities, lavender's anti-inflammatory properties help treat irritation and inflammation. Its antiseptic characteristics protect skin from infection while accelerating healing. Acne-prone skin may also benefit from lavender's antibacterial properties.

Migraine Relief

Do you dread those debilitating headaches that hamper productivity? The alleviating properties of lavender can gently ease migraine pain. Applying a few drops to your temples and inhaling the comforting scent activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This allows muscles to relax while dulling sensitivity to light and sound.

Antioxidant Protection

Did you know lavender contains antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols to boost health? Antioxidants prevent cellular damage from free radicals that arise from pollution and sun exposure. Using lavender oil reinforces skin cell membranes, protecting DNA and collagen breakdown.

Digestive Aid

Feeling bloated or uneasy after eating? The gastrointestinal effects of lavender oil can help regulate digestion. A few drops taken internally may relieve stomach upset by spurting increased bile flow. This improves food breakdown and absorption of nutrients. Additionally, lavender can help reduce bloat-related anxiety and abdominal pain. Let lavender ease your delicate digestive system.

Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable agriculture practices include crop rotation to preserve soil viability, interplanting habitats to increase biodiversity, and parkland preservation to support pollinators. Fulfilling the demand for pure lavender oil promotes the economic health of family farms while honoring communities and land.

At Scatter Oils USA, relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding. We invest in farmers and help to improve yield efficiency using environmentally responsible methods. Our ethical sourcing promises full transparency from field to finished oil.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is so versatile – it can be incorporated into your self-care routine in many ways. Try diffusing a few drops to create a soothing environment. Add to lotion or hair products so you can enjoy the scent and skin benefits all day. Or apply topically – rubbing on pulse points to take advantage of those calming properties.
Our lavender is specially sourced from ethical, sustainable growers to ensure ultra-purity. We vigorously test every batch for irritation. Our customers with even the most sensitive skin use our oil with no issues. Start with a small skin test to be safe. But you can feel confident using our high-quality oil!

Lavender promotes deeper sleep in a natural way. Place a few drops on your pillow or sheets. Its soothing scent sets the stage for falling asleep more easily.

For many, staying asleep through the night is easier, too, when using our aromatic lavender essential oil.

We use a special steam distillation process to extract the beneficial compounds from lavender flowers, leaves and stems while preserving purity. After sustainable harvesting at peak bloom, the live plants go directly to our nearby distillery.

Using steam, we create an aromatic vapor to which the oil molecules attach, separating from water. Then, we condense and bottle the oil.

Our close partnership with multi-generational farms allows us to ensure best practices all the way from soil to oil. You’re getting the highest quality lavender with our dedication to sustainable, ethical sourcing.

The distinctive scent and healing power of our regional variety stand out. Once you inhale that sweet, slightly herbaceous bouquet with notes of fruit and wood, you’ll smell the difference!

You sure can! Using a carrier oil, mix in several drops and massage into the skin. Or add a couple of drops to your face wash, shampoo or lotion.

We always recommend doing a small patch test first in case of sensitivity. But in most cases, it’s safe for direct topical use and leaves skin soft and refreshed.

Absolutely! A few drops added to your usual hair products create a nourishing sleep mask. As you dream the night away, lavender works its magic, hydrating locks while enhancing shine and manageability.

For deeper conditioning, massage oil blended with a carrier into hair and scalp before bedtime, then shampoo out in the morning. Wake up with silky, aromatic strands!


As a wholesale essential oil supplier, we’ll provide you premium quality bulk lavender oil. Cut costs on private label production and lock in the availability of rare oils from small farms. Customize your curing, blending, and bottling for truly bespoke creations.

Whether used for meditation, homemade lotions, or room freshening, Scatter Oils USA lavender bundles nature’s magic into each drop. Our Bulk Buyers Club enjoys 5-10% savings plus members-only promotions. Resell with confidence or add signature flair to DIY consumer goods. However you choose to use it, our bulk lavender oil delivers.

Contact us today to craft a custom lavender oil program that meets your specific goals.

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