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Bulk  Orange Organic Essential Oils

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Orange Organic

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Our Bulk Orange Oil has high quantities of d-limonene, which suggests some anti-inflammatory potential. Studies from Lang and Buchbauer (2012) noted that limonene was a prevalent component in oils with good antibacterial activity. Orange oil is fresh and adds a lovely top note to blends.

INCI / LATIN / TYPE: Citrus sinensis oil 
SHELF LIFE: 2 years
EXTRACTION: Cold pressed
PART OF PLANT: Extracted from the fruit peel
INFORMATION AND USES: Our Bulk Orange Oil has high quantities of d-limonene, which  suggests some anti-inflammatory potential.  Studies from Lang and Buchbauer (2012) noted that limonene was a prevalent component in oils that have good antibacterial activity. Orange oil is fresh and adds a lovely top note to blends.
Orange oil blends well with Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Nutmeg, Sandalwood
ODOR: Top note. Fresh, fruity, light
STORAGE: Remember to store your Orange oil in a dark container to limit light exposure. Store the Orange oil at room temperature and always replace the lid to limit contact with air.
SAFETY DATA: Generally nontoxic. Its use on the skin should be avoided in direct sunlight. Limonene (a major component) has caused dermatitis in a few individuals. Do not ingest.
PRODUCT NAME: Orange Organic Essential Oil

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