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Wholesale Organic Essential Oils for Natural Cleaning Products

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Have you ever pondered what provides cleaning solutions with that refreshing scent? Could it be those artificial fragrances full of risky chemicals in so many cleaners from the store? What if natural essential oils from plants could make your home smell clean instead? Wouldn’t it be nice if the scents were good for you while making surfaces spick and span?

Why not start your own eco-friendly cleaning line using pure and organic oils? The plants those oils come from have natural substances that kill germs and have pleasant aromas, too.

But how do you choose a wholesaler for those oils with so many to pick from? What standards are crucial to make sure your cleaner recipe includes only the best components?

Researching the botany, extraction, and processing behind natural oils would provide insight, but it might take your time.

Reading this guide to knowing the details about wholesale organic essential oils could help you find a quality resource to match your budding green brand.

Read on to discover the difference Scatters Oils USA can make in your cleaning products!

Benefits of Organic Essential Oils in Cleaning Products

First, let’s explore why organic essential oils can be superior to artificial fragrances in household cleaners and how they work to sanitize surfaces.

Plants that fight germs naturally

Many plants make their own antibacterial and antiviral compounds to protect themselves. We borrow what nature has already created to help make homes healthier, too, like how indigenous peoples have used tea tree's natural germ-fighting talents for centuries!

Good for you and the planet

Our organic oils let you make cleaners that are gentle for families and gentle on the environment. By skipping man-made chemicals that stick around, your home is safe, both for people and the environment. Choosing pure ingredients supports our commitment to sustainability.

Uplifting aromas built right in

Nature-designed essential oils clean effectively with their innate ability to wipe out germs. They also bring joy to chore time, too! Oils like bright lemon or orange instantly energize your senses. Typical cleaners lack the feel-good aromatherapy power essential oils naturally provide. The right essential oils can make household chores an aromatic delight.

Our Sourcing Excellence

Pure, unadulterated extracts are key to harnessing the antimicrobial, aromatic, and eco-conscious virtues of essential oils. This requires identifying a wholesale supplier with sterling sourcing principles and production standards. What should you look for in a partner committed to essential oil excellence?

Ethical partnership with trusted farms
We carefully pick farms in special regions that have decades of experience growing and harvesting plants for oils ethically. You can trust where our oils come from and that harvest lands are well cared for.
Pure oils with no extra stuff
Our oils are 100% pure - no synthetic chemicals or perfumes added. We use stainless steel, not iron, for gentle extraction that keeps delicate scents intact. And we offer both liquid and solid options, so you get just the right viscosity.
Packed with care
To keep oils fresh, we quickly prepare and pack them after harvest. Special containers and renewable materials ensure no contamination or evaporation before oils reach you.
Oils for every need
With our own farms and facilities abroad, we control quality across the supply chain. This means we can offer hundreds of plant varieties to suit any use. Let us know what you need, and we'll deliver oils crafted for you.

Learn more about our wholesale organic essential oils.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Essential Oils for Natural Cleaning Products

Great question! The best essential oils for use in cleaning products are citrus oils like lemon, orange, grapefruit, and lavender. They provide natural cleaning power and lovely fresh scents. Tea tree and eucalyptus oils also work very well due to their cleansing properties.

Want to learn more about lavender? Gain valuable knowledge about lavender’s uses and properties through Mount Sinai’s lavender guide.

When added to cleaners, essential oils naturally help cut through grease and grime. Their antimicrobial properties help sanitize surfaces and the air, too. Plus, they leave everything smelling amazing with those wonderful aromatic scents from nature.

Our oils are completely pet and kid-safe when used as directed. Unlike synthetic fragrance oils, essential oils come from plants, not chemicals created in a lab. We choose only therapeutic-grade oils for their safe properties.

Absolutely! Our oils can be mixed into commercial cleaners you already have at home to give them a boost. Or use them in homemade cleaners like vinegar solutions and more. Either way, they’ll make your whole house fresh and clean.

What makes our oils ideal for wholesale is their exceptionally high quality. We partner directly with artisan farmers around the world to source each oil sustainably. This means the end product is as pure and potent as essential oils can get. The vibrant scents speak for themselves! Plus, we offer very competitive bulk pricing for wholesale customers. Scatters Oils USA is proud to be a premium wholesale organic essential oils supplier.

By partnering with us, you secure wholesale organic essential oils bursting with innate antimicrobial virtues to create potent fragranced solutions safe for families and the environment.

The final step is finding a like-minded wholesale distributor equipped to deliver this promise. One who masters ethical sourcing, regional partnerships, distillation precision, rapid stabilization, and worldwide transport of hundreds of botanical oil varieties from tree to tank to table.

Are you ready to create a cleaner future? Reach out to the best bulk essential oils supplier in Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding area by visiting us at 6970 Business Park Blvd N, STE 9, Jacksonville, FL 32256 or calling us at 904 – 619 – 1050 to begin your essential oil journey today!

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